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Butterfly Attic

Last updated by hemike at 2016/4/19

Butterfly Attic was the residence belonged to Deputy Commander Ma Buqing's concubine. This residence was firstly named as "Yongle Garden" when it was completed, then renamed as "Qinan Attic". Because of the butterfly shape, people call it Butterfly Attic. Butterfly Attic is 56 meters wide from east to west, 74 meters long from south to north, and covers an area of 2660 square meters.

The building is two-story brick and wood structure. In the north, there is the main building with 7 broad rooms. To the left and right, there are two butterfly shaped, rectangle, and hexagon attics. These two attics are just like the two wings of a butterfly. Upstairs and downstairs of Butterfly Attic are all surrounded by corridors. Especially the corridors in east, west and north, they surround the residence tightly, forming a big rectangle yard in this way.

A square brick cross path divides the yard into four small gardens. In front of the main building, pine trees and flowers are prosperous and flourish. The whole architecture is well designed, elaborated built, and completely preserved. It is so traditional and out of the ordinary that impress visitors deeply.    

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Buses to Butterfly Attic are available in Linxia city.

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