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Eastern Residence of Deputy Commander Ma

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Eastern Residence of Deputy Commander Ma covers an area of about more than 50 mu(Chinese measuring unit, 1 mu is about 0.165 acre) and it was built in 1945. It was the residence belonged to Ma Buqing, the Deputy Commander of No. 44th Army and head of Qaidam Basin Exploring Project. Buildings in this residence are all brick-wood structures. Four main yards and the attached buildings are of a "田" molding.

There is a courtyard in the place where the four main yards connected. And there are four paths at the four corners leading to the yards. A screen wall is standing in the north of the small courtyard. On the screen wall, it is the famous sculptural brick "National Territory Picture" which was carved by famous Hui folk artist Zhan Chengyuan. This sculptural brick is an outstanding representative of Hezhou sculptural bricks. In this Eastern Residence of Deputy Commander Ma, lots of Hui sculptural bricks are kept in, and they are all with quite high viewing value. Now, the Eastern Residence of Deputy Commander Ma has been changed into a children's palace and an appointed scenic spot.         

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Buses to Eastern Residence of Deputy Commander Ma are available in Linxia city.

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