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Nanguan Mosque

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Nanguan Mosque is the public place at where Muslims of Linxia Autonomous Region held their religious activities. This Nanguan Mosque was firstly built in the Yuan Dynasty. Because it was built on several old stumps at that time, people called it as "Stumps Temple". But this Stumps Temple was destroyed and rebuilt in the after periods. Up to 1949, a religious service hall which was west situated and east facing existed.

People built a two-story hexagon attic, which was called minaret, is on the East Street and West Street. Unfortunately, this minaret was also destroyed in the Cultural Revolution. A large-scale rebuilt started in 1979 and completed in 1984. After this rebuilt, a 4390.86 square meters Nanguan Mosque stood still instead. This mosque is made up of a front hall and a religious service hall. The front hall is with a 2 meters high base, and the whole front hall is 8 meters high, 10 huge pillars stand in the front of this front hall.

The religious service hall is situated in the west and faces to the east. This hall is brick-wood structured, with 7 rooms in the front. The religious hall is square, with 24 meters long and 24 meters wide. It can contain 4000 people attend religious activities at one time. In the both sides of front and back halls, 32 huge pillars stand, showing a magnificent picture. Cement statues are carved on the screen walls.

There are 3 round- topped green towers on the roof of the front hall. This is the "Moon Seeing Attic". On the tower top, shapes of bottle and moon are decorated. A 32 meters high ancient style scripture is carved in the middle. In the north of the Mosque, there is a three- story teaching building.

In this teaching building, there are scripture-given hall, magic water hall, kitchen and dormitories. These are especially for ahung's living and studying. This Islam Mosque is a typical preventative of Hui Nationality. It is an Arabic and Chinese style architect which is out of ordinary. People evaluate this Nanguan Mosque quite high.     

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Buses to South City Islam Mosque are available in Linxia city.

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