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Wanshou Taoist Temple

Last updated by hemike at 2015/11/11

Wanshou Taoist Temple is located on the hill of Beiyuan Mountain, which is situated in the north of Linxia city. It was built in the beginning of Tang Dynasty, and rebuilt in 1983. Wanshou Taoist Temple is the second biggest Taoist Temple in Northwest China, sharing the great fame with Kongtongshan Taoist Temple. Buildings in this temple are ring and ring. There are 7 inscription-given halls.

On the top of theses halls, octagon pagodas are set. Magnificent and graceful, this Wanshou Taoist Temple has become the North Mountain People's Park. Walking in North Mountain People's Park, the whole Linxia city is just in your eyes. The longest track cable car in China, Beiyuan cable car is next to the North Mountain People's Park, up and down, convenient and safe. 

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Visitors can get to the Wanshou Taoist Temple by taxies.

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