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Mengshan National Forest Park

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Mengshan Mountain is said to be the cradle of Chinese Civilization. The history of the mountain is honored and is also contrasted with the Taishan Mountain located only 120 km away. With many century old temples, marvelous legends, pure and simple social customs, old trees, streams, stones and peaks, this is definitely a great place to visit.

Things to Do


Meng was known as Dongshan or Meng East during the ancient times. It belongs to Yishan’s Thai Department. Mengyin covers an area of around 1125 sq km and has a history of over a 100 years. The tallest peak in the park is at 1156 meters above the sea level while Shandong is the next tallest peak. It is also considered to be Chinese civilization’s birthplace.


It was recorded by Mencius that Confucius had ascended the East Meng Mountain’s summit and had found that the mountain was dwarfing the province of Shandong. Emperors such as Tang Xuanzong (7th emperor of the Tang Dynasty), Qianlong (5th emperor of Qing Dynasty) and Qing Kangxi (3rd emperor of Qing Dynasty) and others have visited Meng Mountain to offer sacrifices to deities. Sushi, Dufu, Libai and Caiyi and other literati have also visited the mountain. 

An Interesting Background 

According to various paper records, Meng had belonged for a little while to the old county of Zhuan in the Zhou period. The Mengshan National Forest Park is steeped in history and has a very interesting background. The beauty of the area has attracted many celebrities and writers through the ages.

Beautiful Scenery 

One of the main reasons why Mengshan National Forest Park is such a popular tourist destination today is because of its beautiful and magnificent natural scenery, its rich resources and long heritage. Mengshan has a unique and powerful grace and history and is a very culturally as well as historically important tourist destination.

The Main Attractions 

The rare scenic resort of Mengshan National Forest Park is culturally and historically renowned throughout northern China. Its impressive historical relics, wide range of resources and beautiful scenery has attracted tourists for years. Some of the main attractions in the area include the peculiar Yandang Mountain, the steep slopes of Hua Mountain, Yellow Mountain and magnificent Taishan Mountain. 

The Four Scenic Spots 

The Mengshan National Forest Park is well known for another reason as well. It is known to have very high quality of air and is a resort which promotes longevity. The tourist area of Mengshan Mountain has been divided in four different spots: Caimeng, Tianmeng, Yunmeng and Guimeng. Caimeng is a forest and mountain leisure spot, Tianmng is Fei County’s tourist spot while Mengyin’s Yunmeng and Pingyi’s Guimeng are ecological tourist spots.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Linyi City in Mengyin County

How to Get There?

Tourists can reach Fei County through a long distance tourist bus. From the county there are special lines that take visitors to the Mengshan National Forest Park.

Ticket Price:

 CNY 120 

Opening Hours:

24 Hours

More Tips:

The best time to visit the Mengshan National Forest Park is in summers and spring.

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