Wolong Mountain Buddhist Patriarch Cave

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Buddhist Patriarch Cave was made by nature several million years ago.  The ridge of the cave is bow-shaped and the structure is solid. The paths of the cave are zigzag, narrow, and deep. The cave has winding paths leading to quiet seclusion and amidst surrounding elevations. The words of Qiguan (wonder), Bao(treasure),Fu(Buddha),Ren (toleration),Ci (mercy), and Shan (kind) were engraved in the cave by forefathers.

There are mountain spring flowing water which tastes like celestial liquid and the waterfalls runs on end .the mysterious danger spot makes your hair stand on end. Decades of ten thousand years ago, the stone Buddha statues endowed by nature were spectacular and vivid. Uncountable stalagmites, stalactites, agar and stony coral decorate the cave and amaze you very much. To your surprise, there are innumerable and marvelous caves like a cave containing a small one, a cave upper another cave, a cave under another cave, the dry cave and the water cave, Kwan-yin Cave, Qianfu Cave, Honghair Cave, Xitian Cave etc. All the sides of the Buddhist Hall were engraved stone Buddha statues of all kinds of style like a stone Buddha statue closing the eyes and stopping walking. When you are in the holy place, you may get a very peaceful mood.

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