Xincun Ginkgo Garden

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The Old Plum Garden was renamed the Ginkgo Garden in terms of the king of ginkgo- the highlight of the scenic spot. The garden boasts high quality tourist resources like the king of the ginkgo, pines, old trees, old plums of the red precipice, and Gongzuo Temple etc. The layout of the garden featured by ecol-human characteristics is reasonable. The garden is an ideal resort for recreation and sightseeing. The style of the garden is unique; the skills of construction are exquisite and the environment is quiet and comfortable.The First China Tancheng Ginkgo Festival was held here in the autumn of 1993.In the following years, the garden rose to fame swiftly and attracted tourists from all over the country. In every spring and fall, scholars and men of letters gather here, enjoy the scenery, recite poems and draw pictures. The feelings and the scenery are beyond expression. They are enchanted by the views so that they forget to leave.

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How to Get There?
How to get there: Beijing-Shanghai Highway-down the exit of Matoukou in the Tancheng-drive the south at Gangshang Town and turn right at the crossroad (there is a sign board of the scenic area). Drive about 12 kilometers and reach the scenic area. It takes about 20 minutes after leaving the highway.

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1. The Ginkgo Festival held in September of every year has exhibition and sale of ginkgo products. 2. Tremendous hotels and restaurants around the scenic area can offer farmer’s food and a series of ginkgo dishes. 3. You can buy some famous products such as the Ginkgo Tea, the potted ginkgo, and craftsmanship weaved by straws etc. 4. It cost you about 3.5 hours to tour the whole scenic spot. 5.50% for students; free for the old, servicemen and the disabled.

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