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Yishui Snowy Mountain Travel Zone

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The scenic area with a lot of mythologies has an integration of peculiar pines, dense trees, maple’s leaves, steep cliff, strange stones, and streams. You can either tour in the scenic area or walk leisurely in the rain of the Rain Bow Valley and touch the rain bow. The breakthrough in the Maze shows your intelligence. The color bullets shots are very interesting and adventurous. The tour of the farmer’s houses is comfortable. The holidays of the Fall Water House is quiet and cozy. Talking with your lovers in the Lovers Valley, you will feel very romantic. Also, you can enjoy watching the sunflowers pictures of the Sunflowers Forest, which are sophisticated and peculiar;   the lanes of slippery grass and the ponds of catching fish etc are all new entertainment programs.  You can seat yourself on the lawns that are scattered everywhere. The clean asphalt road extends the corridor of the snowy mountain with hanging all kinds of melons and fruits. The ding-dong of the clear spring, mountain paths, bright-colored wild flowers and the twittering of the birds provide you the pleasure of nature.

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How to Get There?
How to get there: the Beijing-Shanghai Highway- down the exit of Qingtuo-drive 30 about kilometers toward the northeast of Provincial Road 229-Yishui Villa-drive about 2.5 kilometers toward east at the Yishui and reach the scenic area. It takes about one hour to get here after leaving the highway. Tricycle: it costs you around 10 Yuan by tricycle from Yishui Bus Station to the scenic area. Shuttle services: there are shuttle services during the Labor’s Day and National Day.

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Opening Hours:
7:00 a.m. - 7:00p.m

More Tips:
1. The Holiday Village of the tourist zone is to be completed. The county seat has star-level hotels and numerous lodging facilities. 2You can taste some well-known snacks such as the thin pancake with the shallot rolled in it , braised rabbit head , fried sliced pork with ginger, Yimeng dishes etc and also buy some souvenirs such as handcrafted handcarts ,handcrafted cloth tiger, handcrafted pouch etc. 3. The performances of the folk custom and marriage custom are on show everyday in the scenic area. 4.Best time for tourists: spring, summer, and fall

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