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Fengyang National Natural Protection Zone

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In the protection zone, the breeds of plants are rich, among which more than 20 kinds of species are listed in “the list of rare endangered plant species in China”, such as Pseudotaxus chienii, Gaussen Donglas Fir and so on. There are also many breeds of wild animals, such as Clouded Leopard, Sumen Antelope, and Accipiter Tachiro and so on, among which six breeds are under the first-grade State protection.

There are hundreds of view spots in the protection zone, such as, Huangmao jian(about 1929 meters in altitude)-----the first peak in Zhejiang Province; Longyuan Gorge-----the cradle of Ou River; Fengyang Lake-----the artificial lake in the highest altitude; Fengyang Shrine-----the ashes of mushroom in the world; Xiaohuang Mountain; Shuangzhe waterfall and so on.

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