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Jiulong Mountain National Natural Protection Zone

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/22

The plants in the area are one of the little well reserved forest vegetation in aboriginality in the east of China. The main peak of Jiulong Mountain, 1724.2 meters in altitude, is the fourth highest peak in Zhejiang Province. Climbing the mountain and viewing, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are more than ten breeds of rare animals living on the mountain including Leopard, Golden Cat, and Giant Salamander and so on. Besides, there is also a puzzle about mysterious ‘uncivilized man’. As a good place for scholars and students to make scientific research and realize the zoology, the protection area is also praised as “biology Gene Bank” due to many species of agriculture and forestry Insects. Now there are the following view spots, such as Sizhoulan, Longjing, the angling platform of the eight immortals in Chinese legend, Taiyan, Shimen, and so on.

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