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Shimendong Provincial Level Scenery Spot

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Facing the lake, the Qi Peak and Gu Peak are standing facing with each other which looks like gateway, so it is called “Shimen”. Entering the gateway, you can see the mountains embracing with each other which are covered by green woods. There are more than 20 scenic spots and historical sites and cliff carving here. It is Key Cultural Relic under the Province-Level Protection. You must acclaim the flying waterfall with various features as the peak of perfection. The waterfall is flying from the cliff 112.5 meters in height, which looks like an upright white belt. The prince scenic spots which was open to visitors lately has more than 20 high-quality physiognomy sights and waterscapes, such as Prince Peak, Taoist Temple, the Hole of Ox Nose, Toutian Hole, Holy Water Hole, Holy Eagle Hole, Holy Water Swag and so on, which make the visiting scope of the Shimendong larger and the visiting spots rich

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Train: Starting from the East Train Station of Hangzhou and then reaching Lishui City, you can arrive here by middle-bus. Automobile: Starting from the East Bus Station of Hangzhou and reaching Lishui, you can arrive at Shimen Park by middle-bus, and then bridge the river. Self-Driving: It takes about 3 hours from Hanghzhou via JinQu Expressway and then JinLi Expressway. Starting from Lishui City, it takes about an hour to Qingtian County via No.330 National Road.

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