Xiandu National Level Scenery Spot

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There was a saying that it was a good choice for the persons returning from the royal capital to visit Xiandu scenery spot. It takes the fantastic peaks and rocks, the pretty landscape as feature and combines rurality and humane historical sites together. There was a legend that this was the place for Huang Emperor (he is believed as one of the ancestors of Chinese People) to invite hundreds of immortals to drink wine and make pills of immortality. The total area is 166.2 square kilometers. Xiandu was named Jinyun Mountain in the ancient time.. According to the ancient books and records of Taoism, Xiandu was a mysterious mountain for praying immortals, which was the twenty-ninth immortal mountains among the thirty-six immortal mountains. From the 1990s to now, a total of more than 30 films have been screened here, such as “A Shi Ma”

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How to Get There?
It is accessible to reach Jinyun by trains via JinWen Railway (you can see the more detailed information on the train timetable). Then, you can spend 2 Yuan arriving at Wuyun Town by middle-bus or tricycle at Jinyun Train Station. There are special tour buses to Xiandu scenery spot per 15-20 mintutes at Jinyun Passenger Transport Station which are via the main scenery spots. Of course, you can rent a tricycle (it accommodates 4 persons and 30 Yuan are spent come-and- go) to Dinghu Peak which is the most attractive in Xiandu scenery spot. It takes 20 minutes to arrive.

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The Best Time for Sightseeing Xiandu holds culture festival of Tour annually on "Chong Yang Festival" (September 9 of Chinese traditional calendar). There are many kinds of entertaining items, such as, the competition for mountaineering and Rock Climbing, holding a memorial ceremony for Dayu(a great person to build water conservancy in the ancient time) and the folk performance.

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