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Dadong Scenic Spot in Panxian County

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

Dadong Scenic Spot with an area of 50 square meters includes Dadong ancient ashes,tree farm scenic spot, Chantan(Long Beach) scenic spot, Xicaoping scenic spot,Heiniuping scenic spot and Dashanya Bamboo scenic spot.

Dadong Historical Ashes, a huge karst cave of limestone of Carboniferous. The discovery of this cave took the first place among the archaeological discoveries in 1993, boasting a great and rare relic of the ancient cave-lived human being home and abroad. It is an ideal place for science because of its scale, the ages of culture accumulation, the variety and quantity of the archaeological materials. In fact it can compare beauty with Zhoukoudian.

Transportation: You can take a bus from Liupanshui city to Chengguan town and then take a bus at Tiansheng Store to Zhudong Township.

Xicaoping (Xicao Lawn) scenic spot: Located on the way from Liupanshui to Panxian County, Xicao Lawn is the highest and largest lawn in Guizhou Province. When spring comes, what you can see is bluish green grass and a sea of cattle and goats. What’s more, the Changhaizi Lake is 2,560 meters above sea level, 2,000 meters in length and 300 meters in width, in which the water is so clear that you can see (to) the bottom.

Transportation: You can take a bus from Liupanshui to Panxian County, but get off and Sige Township. Then you’d better hire a minicar to the spot.

Located in Laochang town in Panxian County, the Dashanya Bamboo scenic spot has an area of 25 thousand Mu of bamboo forest and 100 thousand Mu of forest. The weather here is warm and cool, the terrain is high and steep and the air is clean and fresh. It is really an ideal place for people to avoid summer heat and have a rest and recreation at leisure.

Transportation: You can take a bus from Liupanshui to Chengguan County directly, and then take a bus at Tiansheng Store to Laochang town.

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