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Longfeng Underground Palace

Last updated by xiaoyanzi at 2015/11/9

Spot introduction: Longfeng Underground Palace is a unique underground park. Going deep into the ground about 100 meters, the natural karst cave is about 2.8 kilometers long and it is beautiful beyond description. On entering the cave, you can see the Thunder God Cave come first, and then the Rosy Clouds Cave, on whose wall you can see vivid natural designs of dragons and phoenixes. At the fist scenic spot you can see stalactite in thousands of postures including holy red-crowned cranes, holy goats, fierce tigers, running horses. They are too much for the eye to feast on. When you walk to the Ancient Elephant River, you can see an underground river about 800 meters long running endlessly. Here you can take a boat enjoying the clear and cool underground river and the sheer precipice and overhanging rocks. As to the scenery there is snow lotus, two lions’ welcome, a gleam of sky and a pillar prop up the sky. Hence you won’t hesitate to silently admire the river rare. In the Longfeng Underground Palace there is magical music hall tens of meters under the ground, this hall with an area of 1,600 square meters can hold 1,500 people. At the right there is a natural stage about 80 square meters, which makes it more like a music hall. In the hall you can see stalactite in thousands of postures such as stone shades hang down the wall or on the ceiling. With the help of the artificial color lights, the hall is full of beauty. If you can pay a visit to this cave, you will feel as if you are visiting a god’s home.

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