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Maidenhair tree Scenic Spots

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The Danxia Mountain:

Located in Shuitang town in Panxian County and with a height of 1,888 meters above sea level, the Danxia Mountain which was built in Ming Dynasty is towering and grand. On the top of the Danxia Mountain there is the Huguo Temple which used to attract a large number of pilgrims from Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Sichuan as well as many worshippers from Southeast Asia countries. And now it is still a Buddhist service center and scenic spot.


You can take a bus from Liupanshui to Chengguan town in Panxian County and then change buses to Danxia Mountain.

Suile_Lemin Maidenhair Tree Scenic Spot:

A scene of about 1,150 maidenhair trees takes on a simple and unsophisticated but magnificent look in Suile and Lemin. Maidenhair tree which can date back to 3,000 thousand years ago is remnant plant of the ancient earth; it is of great value for science research and historical culture research besides its ornamental value. In Suile village you can see maidenhair trees here and there as if it is set up in a maidenhair woods specially. When summer comes, the golden leaves of the maidenhair trees fallen on the stone paths, the black tile roofs, the steps, the ridges of the field, the stone bridges and in the streams, which decorate the village into a golden world.


You can take a bus from Panxian County to Stone Bridge town and then walk to Suile village.

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