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Miao nationality in Suoga Town

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/7

Brief Introduction to Customs and Practices:

There lives a branch of Miao Nationality with its own special characteristics in Suoga township 50 kilometers away from Luizhi, including more than 700 families with a population of 4600 people distributing in villages. The people there live a mysterious tribal life that is well reserved. The most attractive thing is that the women there wear two horn-liked combs which lie separately on each side of the head. Each comb is about 60 centimeters long supporting the hair which is about three kilos in weight, which forms fantastic headwear.

Customs and Practices: In the villages the unmarried girls usually wear flowers together with the hair ornaments to hint “I am unmarried” to entitle the boys to ingratiate themselves with them. Most of the girls in the villages usually wear bronze necklaces as ornaments. The necklaces are tied together in front with a handkerchief which is embroidered with beautiful designs showing the girl’s skill of embroidery. By the way the more necklaces a girl wears, the richer the girl’s family is.
Women usually wear a piece of semi-circle sheep apron which was used to cover one’s secret in the ancient time. But now it is used to keep warm and act as an ornament as well as protective covering while the women are in the family way. This apron evolved from the skin of the tree to animal skin and finally to sheep shin. And now young girls wear an apron with two handkerchiefs tied to send the beloved boy as a return token.

Accommodation:The Ecological Museum with wide vision in spite of the surrounding mountains in Suoga offers standard rooms charging RMB 20 Yuan for each bed. If water supply is not cut off, the accommodation condition will be better.
Food: In the Muslims’ restaurants on the street of Suoga town you can taste delicious food whose price is reasonable. But if staying in a Miao nationality village, you can share meals with the villagers. The wonderful dishes such as the corn rice, old bacon and chicken are well worth the price of ten RMB 10 Yuan.

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How to Get There?
Transportation: There are two shifts of regular buses from Luizhi to Suoga: the first shift starts at half past seven while the second shift starts at half past ten. The last bus from Suoga to Luizhi starts at half past in the afternoon. You can also take the passing bus which starts at eleven from Luizhi to Zhangwei.

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More Tips:
Tips: When entering the Miao nationality village, you can see Miao girls hold goat horns and ox horns full of rice wine to propose a toast to your coming. After the first toast, you should return the sheep horn to the girl with its tip up, if you are not able to drink any more.

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