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The Natural Bridge

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The Nature-formed Bridge with a height of 135 meters and a span length of 60 meters is a ruin after the limestone cave collapsed while the bridge bow is 15 meters thick and the surface of the bridge is 30 meters long. Especially, this bridge is the highest nature-formed one which can support motor vehicles running on. At both sides of the bridge there are mountain valleys, caves and underground rivers around. There are still a lot of nature-formed bridges here and there which consist of a marvelous natural phenomenon. On April 2nd, 1966 the Geological Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences of China successfully held a Technology Competition of Flower Jumping Festival of Miao and International Caves which attracted thousands of visitors and cave experts.

Qinlin Miao Nationality Village:

The Qinlin Miao Nationalities who live in Haifa village in Water Town, 60 kilometers away from Liupanshui city is one of the eight branches of Miao nationality. The embroideries on the shoulder, the ridge and the sleeve are very special. It is a custom for men to wear feather ornaments while women enjoy wrapping their heads with orange and yellow knitting wool as ornaments.  Here what deserves to be mentioned in the village is a kind of dance which has been introduced into many big cities such as Shengzhen, Dalian, Hong Kong and Beijing as well as Malaysia. This kind of dance that once won great fame in the International Youth  Arts festival in Mosco in 1958 is famous for its characteristic including prance, step, twist, shift, turn and repeat.

Nankai Flower Festival:

There lives a small branch of Miao nationality in the Nankai Township in Liupanshui city. Although this small Miao group live in the mountainous area, their dresses are magnificent, simple and unsophisticated, modern and hot and their festivals are in a  bold and flowing style as well as ceremonious.
These Miao nationalities live in tens of villages in Water town, Weinin, Nayong, and so on. They live on corn, potatoes, red buckwheat and sweet potatoes; their bright costume are very special because the women choose red knitting wool ornaments to wrap their simply-done up hair to express their best wishes; and their “color back” broidered with red, yellow and black silk threads is bold and exaggerating spreading their unique characteristics.

On February 15th of the lunar calendar the Miao people from far and near will gather at Nankai to cerebrate the Flower Jumping Festival. On this occasion the youth dance and are concerned with love and romance while the married men and women visit their relatives enjoying feasts. The senior ladies sing “Bitter Love Songs” to exchange their experience of labor and life and bless for a happy future.

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