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Yushe National Forest Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

The theme of this park focus on immense forest covering an area of 40,680 Mu with a percentage of 90 forest cover. The rare plants are dove tree, yulan magnolia, shuiqing tree and yew. The rare animals are golden pheasant, white fox, masked civet and musk deer and so on.

The park consists of sight-seeing area, amusement park, ecological protection, comprehensive service, forest exploration and developing area. The theme focus on sight-seeing and forests while there is a complete range of tourism resource. The characteristics are “luxuriant forests, green hills, beautiful water, abundant resource, beautiful trees, strange stones, narrow gorges and strong flavor”. The pines, the firs, the azaleas and the artificially sown forests compare beauty with each other; the solitude peak, the exquisite refined stones, tens of water-falls are in different poses and different expressions; the courier route, the strong national flavor; the traditional torch festival; the flower jumping festival have a distinctive style and are interesting and absorbing.

It is convenient to visit the park as there is a highway rating as second passing by the park and there is a train stop(Yushe Train Stop) in the park.

Scenery here changes in different seasons; in spring azaleas bloom red as a flame as if it is a sea of flowers; in summer whistling of the wind in the pines makes you feel at sea and if you climb a mountain, you will be in a sea of clouds; in fall the slope was covered with red autumnal leaves which please both the eye and the mind; and in winter A scene of a world of silver spreads out before you.

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