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Liupanshui Travel Guide

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Liupanshui Overview

Liupanshui City, the joint of the four provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, is a municipality under the jurisdiction of the provincial government, having four counties which are Liuzhi special zone, Panxian county, Shuicheng county(Water county)and Zhongshan district under its jurisdiction including three Open Economic Zones: Zhongshan, Hongguo, Pinzai and a manufacturing district: Shuangshui. It is also a developing industrial city relying on the mainstay of coal, electricity, metallurgy and building materials.

This city is taking on a new look of a plateau booming city with old veil taken off and miraculous and beautiful hills and waters. The karst topography, old ashes, the brilliant national customs and culture of more than 30 minorities are like pearls in the world.

Liupanshui City

Liupanshui City

In Liuzhi special zone there is much scenery and places of interest, for instance, the relique (a custom left by a preceding generation) of the ancient Yelang kingdom, the museum of Miao nationality, the rare fine view of gorge of the Beipanjian River. Meanwhile, in the key point of interests in Dadong, there is the Paleolithic Period Relic which indicates the origin and evolution of human being and the development of the environment condition, the Red Rose Mountain where half of the great scriptures was held, the karst landscape recorded in Xuxiake’s travel notes, the group of ancient ginkgo which can tell the evolvement of old plants. Additionally the climate of not being bitter cold in winter and not too hot in summer makes Liupanshui becoming a wonderful place for tourism.

Being "a Cool City", the Liupanshui city is an ideal place to visit without too much money. The climate is not bitter cold in winter and not too hot in summer and the rain fall is plentiful.

The name of the city sounds a little ordinary but it is rich coal and metallurgy. The streets are wide and the buildings are modern compared with its neighbors. It is a very good place for you to have a good rest on you trip way. It is an entertainment to eat sweet-smelling corn and bean curd with odor while you stroll around the city.

There is not very famous scenery but there are many small scenic spots and nationality customs. One-day's stay is recommended.

Zone code: 0858

Postcode: 553000

Population: 2.83 million

Ethnics: the Han nationality, the Yi nationality, the Miao nationality, the Hui nationality, the Dong nationality, the Yilao nationality

Total Area: Nine thousand nine hundred and fourteen square kilometers