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Bailian Cave

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It is Paleolithic ashes, 20 m high and its main cave covering 774 sq. m. An underground river flows alongside all year round; the relic of lake remains before; mountains surround, which presents beautiful scenery. Bailian Cave has the first museum of cave in China, where a large number of fossils of ancient human and mammal are displayed. The museum consists of two parts, inside and outside. In the cave, there are the scene of cave region, site of ancient human in the cave and sculptures presenting their production and life. Out of the cave, display the scene of prehistoric propagation, prehistoric culture of Bailian Cave, ancient human culture in the Liujiang valley and its neighborhood and knowledge about cave. These fossils show that 50,000 years before, Bailian Cave Man had been able to make up clothes and cook food by fire, which forms Bailian Cave culture. The culture and the neighboring Liujiang Man Site are in a very important position in anthropology. Therefore, Bailian Cave has become the place for scientific research concerned by both Chinese and foreign anthropologists, education of popular science and tourist sight viewing.

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Access:By taxi, about 15-20RMB

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Opening Hours:8:00-17:30

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