Dule Park

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General Situation

Dule Park is 20 km in circumference, with green mountains and rolling peaks. It is a garden park of natural scenery, taking the sight of Karst cave as main part, full of pastoral scene. The scenic spot consists of 12 peaks, 46 caves, over 700 acres greenbelt, clear brook of over 3,000 m and 4 artificial lakes. There are 52 special sights of Karst cave, such as “early morning of the mountain village” and “scenery of Hainan”. During the 678 m tourist route, stalactites in the cave are of various strange shapes and vivid expression. Major sights in the scenic spot include Twisting Dragon Cave, Tongtian Cave, Water and Cloud Cave, stone inscriptions and stele forest, Dragon Pearl Peak, island in the central lake and national restaurant etc. Among them, the three caves, Twisting Dragon Cave, Tongtian Cave and Water and Cloud Cave, have a tourist route of 678 m, occupying an area of over 6,400 sq. m. There are magnificent and engrossing sights of various shapes in the caves, including “Welcoming Torch”, “Early Morning of the Mountain Village”, “Third Sister Singing Antiphonally ”, “Fish Leaping Skylight”, “Forest of Animals” and “Dule Scenery” etc, which are very amazing and enjoy the fame of “artistic palace” of the nature.

Scenic Spots

Landscape Area of Semitropical Plants

Located in the eastern district of the park, it occupies an area of over 43,000 sq. m. palmaceous plants sprinkle among scenic rocks, supplemented by shaped plants, architecture sketch, stone pavilion and stone stool etc.

Moxiang House

Facing “Mountain Villa of Scenery on Lake” across a lake, it covers an area of 1,086 sq. m. Adopting the combination of courtyard, the building consists of hall, corridor of steles, exhibition hall, building of book collection, studio and yard. Besides, there are stone lions, inscribed board and couplet outside the door.

Calligraphy Mountain and Stele Forest

In 1978, people established steles forest of modern calligraphy in Dragon Pearl Mountain. It collects excellent works of different styles composed by great modern calligraphers of different schools, including 210 calligraphy inscriptions on cliff surface, which are composed by famous calligraphers, such as Liu Haiu and Zhao Puchu etc.

Landscape Area of Caves

At present, there are three caves, namely, Twisting Dragon, Tongtian and Water and Cloud, open for public visit. During the 700 m tourist route, there are fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, rock pillars, rock curtains and rock flowers of curious forms everywhere. Enjoying the reputation of “Fantastic Art Palace of the Nature”, it is one of the great four caves in the south.

Dule Clear Brook

It rises in the mountains close to Chengtuan, Liujiang County, consisting of many small streams. Flowing through Labao, Jinde and Cuoshan etc, it becomes an important source for farmland irrigation.

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How to Get There?
Access:Through bus No. 21 and 9, about 40 minutes

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
Opening Hours:8:00-18:00; Opening Hours of the Karst cave:8:30-16:00

More Tips:
1.It often rains in summer, so, it is necessary to take a damp proof cloth. 2.Zhuang brocades sold here are very beautiful.

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