Fish Peak Park

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Fish Peak Park is a national AAAA-class tourist scenic spot, where Fish Standing Peak rises 88 m over the flat. After walking up 392 stone steps of the mountain pass from the foot, tourists will reach the top, where you can see a superb panorama of the “pot city” when overlooking northwards, six bridges flying over the green river and heavy traffic among numerous big buildings. Liu Zongyuan had described the hill in one of his books as “small but high, shaped like a standing fish”, hence comes the name of Standing Fish Peak or Stone Fish Hill. Pavilions in the hill are smothered with evergreen ancient trees and the shade they made.   

There are 7 caves in the hill, namely, Cool State, Yu Cave, Pangu Cave, Complete Yang Cave, Evil Wind Cave, Grasshopper Cave and Third Sister Cave etc, which communicate with each other. Since Yuan-Ming-Qing Dynasties, there has been more than 60 stone inscriptions composed by literati to praise the Standing Fish Peak in the caves. At the foot of the hill, there is a Small Dragon Pool formed by the effusing underground water. Rising and falling with Liujiang River, it connects with the Fish Peak Hill, presenting magnificent scenery. Seen at the southeastern bank of the Small Dragon Pool, the hill is like a carp leaping over the pool surface. So, the garden department established a carp sculpture named “Fish Leaping in the Southern Pool” in the pool. According to legend, Third Sister Liu, a singing fairy of Zhuang Nationality, had ever sung folk songs here and rose to the sky and became a goddess in Small Dragon Pool. Up to the present, you can find sites such as Third Sister Rock and Singing Antiphonally Place etc. In the Third Sister Cave, there is a group of sculptures presenting the scene of singing antiphonally. On the hillside stands the marble statue of Third Sister Liu. At the bank of the pool, there is a yard-style and civilian-house-like building, which is the first professional museum of stone works in Liuzhou, collecting over 800 excellent and marvelous stone works of various kinds.

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How to Get There?
You can directly take bus No. 10, 19, 21, 16 or 4 to the station of fish peak park; starting from the bus master station, you should turn right and walk about 150 m and across the street.

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Opening Hours:8:00-17:00

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(1)In summer, it is moist and full of rainstorms. So, beside necessary rain gear, you would better take a damp proof cloth. (2)Located in the south of small dragon pond, the Fine Stone Works Museum has a collection of over 100 species ornament stone works. (3)There is a ropeway connecting Saddle Mountain and Fish Peak Mountain. As the first tourist ropeway in the city center, it offers tourists much convenience when coming and going between the two peaks.

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