Liuzhou Travel Guide

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Liuzhou Overview

Otherwise known as "Dragon City", Liuzhou is an ancient and beautiful city in the south. Its typical Karst landform endows picture-like scenery with hills of strange shapes, fantastic caves, green and deep springs and curving and clear rivers. The limpid Liu River flows through, like a green belt, surrounding the urban area, which looks like a “U”-shaped peninsula. During his stay in Liuzhou as “Cishi (an official title)”, Liu Zongyuan, a famous writer in Tang Dynasty, had composed lines to describe the beautiful city. As the cradle of “Liujiang Man”, Chinese ancient mankind, Liuzhou, possessing both good human and historic sights and abundant tourist resources, is an A-class tourist city and historic city of China as well as the largest industrial base and economic center of Guangxi. Totally covering 18,618 sq. km, among which its urban area covering 658.31 sq. km, Liuzhou is a habitat of 3,500,000 people of various nationalities, including Han, Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao and Mulao.

Area Code: 0772
Post Code: 545000
Administrated Area: Chengzhong District, Fish Peak District, Liunan District, Liubei District, Liujiang County, Liucheng County, Luzhai County, Rongan County, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County
(1)Since routes of Liuzhou are out of order, you‘d better buy a latest map of urban area for about 3RMB at the bus station or local booth selling books and periodicals.
(2)Spring and summer are the best time for viewing the rural scenery of green hills and clear water; while you can choose any time to appreciate the city only, among which winter is the best, when it is not very cold.