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Liuzhou Food

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Liuzhou Featured Food:

Luo Si Fen (noodles In A Snail Soup With Chili And Vegetables)

Having the distinct flavor of being sour, spicy, delicious, dainty and hot, it occupies the first place among the local snacks of Liuzhou. It contains the endemic rice noodle of Liuzhou (soft and dainty), ingredients (including pickled bamboo shoot, agaric, peanut, fried dried rolls of bean milk cream, daylily and fresh vegetables) and stewed snail soup (sour and spicy in a proper level). Although it will make you sweat heavily, its special and tasty snail soup always tempt you to eat more.

Donggu Tangbao (steamed Dumpling Filled With Juicy Meat, Gravy And Winter Mushroom)

It is born out of Zhenjiang Tangbao and Sijimei Tangbao of Wuhan but different from them. Absorbing the essence of them, through improved and refined, it forms the peculiar flavor of Liuzhou.


It is a kind of Muslim snack of the longest history among the local snacks of Liuzhou. Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Maji Muslim Restaurant sells it. Also, it was available in streets and lanes. Daintily made, it is crispy and fried, pliable bus strong, oily but not greasy, with clear layers.

Snail Soup

The snail meat is tasty and the soup is especially worth commending, which tastes like but also different from sea food. The cooking way is very careful. First, put snails bought from the market into clear water together with iron object for several days and change water twice a day to make them excrete all dirty things. At the walkway in the middle section of Renmin Road of the urban area of Guiping, there will be full of various snack booths, and each of them offers snail soup.

Dog Meat

The dog meat in Liuzhou is fresh and tasty. The staple is domestic dog specially raised for chafing dish, which will be killed just before having the chafing dish. It may also be salted in advance and sauced with special flavoring, which also make it tasty. The delicious taste of dog meat is created by monosodium glutamate and numerous natural spices, including cinnamon, aniseed and fragrant mushroom etc.

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