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Liuzhou Local Products:

Shatian Pomelo

Enjoying the fame of “treasure among fruit” and “natural can”, Shatian Pomelo has been growing in Liuzhou for a long time. Its fruit is pear or cucurbit shape, 1,000 to 1,500 gram. Its surface is orange; there is a coin-shaped circle on its top. The fruit is very storable and will be very tasty after two to three months storage when the flesh softens.

Strange Stone Of Liuzhou

Strange Stone of Liuzhou is rich in storage, plenty in variety and good in quality. In Liuzhou, there are Jianpan Mountain Alpine Garden, the only alpine garden of China at present and three professional fine stone-work museums, namely, Bagui (Guangxi in Chinese) Strange Stone Museum, Stone Work Museum in Fish Peak Park and the Stone Museum of Miniascape Garden in Marquis Liu Park. Stone lovers can enjoy picking out stones aside Liujiang River and choosing stones at the market.

Liuzhou Sweet Citrus

Having a long cultivation history and produced in Liuzhou Citrus Farm, Liuzhou Sweet Citrus is the main breed among the fruits planted in Liuzhou. Its peel is orange and smooth. The flesh consists of 10 segments, which is lune and orange, tastes sweet and sour and delicious. The fruit is storable and of high quality, ripe in the early and middle parts of November, appropriate for eating in fresh or processing.

Liuzhou Coffin

Liuzhou coffin is superior in both quality and craftwork, carved with living dragon, phoenix, bat and rat, it is in highly delicacy. The material comes from Rongshui and Sanjiang at the upper reach of Liujiang River. Among them, wood of emergent spring shoots is the best. Being very hard, black with shine and sounding when being knocked, it is free from rat and white ant, from decay for a hundred years under the ground.


As a traditional speciality fruit of Rongan, Liuzhou, kumquat has the reputation of “Long Life Fruit”. The fruit is elliptical; the peel is orange or golden, smooth and lustrous. Since its sweet and fragrant peel and the sweet fruit containing numerous nutriments needed by human body, including sugar, acid and Vitamin C etc, it can be eaten as fruit or used as medicine with the effects of resolving phlegm, quenching thirst, promoting salivation, deodorizing and diminishing inflammation.

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