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Dabao Mountain Tombs

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The relics of Dabaozi Mountain and the Tombs have been proved to be dated from Xizhou(11c B.C to 771 B.C) Chunqiu Period (770 A.D to 476 A.D).

The area of Dabaozi Mountain Tombs is about 18 square kilometers, including Dabaozi Mountain, Yuanding Mountain of Zhaoping and some other scenery spots. The number of cleared tombs is 14, holes with war chariots and horses in is 2. There are 2 large-scale “中”shaped mausoleums, which were classified into the Kings’ of Qin’s mausoleums in them. And several middle sized tombs. They were east to west situated. The “中” shaped mausoleums are setting west and facing east, host of the mausoleum were all lying their feet to east and heads to west, just the same as the Yongcheng Mausoleum, Zhiyang Mausoleum and the Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum. The 100–meter long “中” shaped mausoleum represented the Qin people’s interests on building huge mausoleums. A great many bronze wares, gold wares and jade wares were found in this mausoleum. Some of the bronze wares were carved these words: “秦公作铸用鼎”、“秦公作宝用簋”(It means these wares were especially made for the King of Qin).


Dabaozi Mountain Tombs are of quite high academic value for the purpose of researching and studying the history of country of Qin, the burial system in Zhou Dynasty, the land-dividing systems of the country of Qin and Zhou Dynasty, even the migration and social characteristics of Qin people at that time.

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Take a bus at the bus station of Longnan to Lixian County, and then take anther bus to there. It would cost you about 20 yuan.

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Recommend time for traveling:Around 3 hours

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