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Guiqing Mountain of Zhangxian County

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

Guiqing Mountain of Zhangxian County is the most beautiful and distinctive natural scenic zone. It is a province-class forest park now. People honor it as the “little Huashan Mountain”. This mountain is limestone landform, so there are many peaks and strange rocks on it. The forest park covers an area of 32,000 square mu(1 mu is about2.471 acres ). People also call it as a natural plants park because there are more than 500 kinds of plants for medical and view use. Altitude of Guiqing Mountain is 2,340 meters. On the top of this mountain, there is a Zhongfeng Temple which was built in the Year of Longqing of Ming Dynasty. Across the Broken Ravine Bridge, there are halls of Rulai Buddha, Xuanwu Emperor, King of Hell, and 32 vivid statues of Buddha. Scenic spots in Guiqing Mountain are various, such as the Guiqing Fairyland, Western Wonderland, Broken Ravine Bridge, Magic Rock Cavern, Moon in Buddhist Forest, Rings of Ancient Temple, Endless Pine Forests, Face-washing Pond and so on. At the foot of the mountain, Longchuan River comes cross the whole area. Walking along the valley, visitors can appreciate the various shaped rocks and peaks on the both sides of stream. Besides these, fog and clouds always float, precious breeds animals are here and there. In a word, the scenery in Guiqing Mountain is just like the one of South China, beautiful and graceful, making every body pleased. 

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How to Get There?
Take a bus to Zhangxian, then rent a minibus to the Guiqing Mountain.

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Opening Hours:
8:00- 18:00

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Recommend time for traveling:About 1 day

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