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Moya Tablet of Ode to Xixia

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Moya Tablet of Ode to Xixia is often called “Yellow Dragon Tablet”. Literature works, paintings, calligraphy works, Confucianism in Han Dynasty and local bureaucracy are all reflected on this tablet. This tablet has become an important evidence of articles of Biao style in Donghan Dynasty, even the situations of social politics, economy, and transportation of those ancient years researching. This tablet was carved in the 4th year of Jianning in Donghan Dynasty (171 AD). It is 2.2 meters high and 3.4 meters wide. On the tablet, there is a title of four Chinese characters. The text body is of 12 lines of Li calligraphy style words, each word is about 9 to 10 square centimeters and carved to the opposite direction. 385 words are on this tablet in total. In this text, Lixi’ life, and his achievements of political career, his deed of leading people building the ancient Xixia road were recorded. (Lixi was an officer of this area in ancient time).The text and writing are both of quite high value of researching and imitating. There are also some opposite carved images like yellow dragon, white deer, sweet dews, good corps, branches inter locked trees and person in good rain. Around the text, more than 30 poems and other articles of Yuanfu Decade of Song Dynasty, Qianlong, Kangxi, Guangxu Decades of Qing Dynasty and Republic of China are carved. What is more, inscriptions of Li Keran’, “Moya Tablet of Donghan Dynasty”, “Ode to Xixia” are also carved here. Under the tablet of Ode to Xixia, there is another Li calligraphy in Han Dynasty tablet, which is called “Peach Blossom Tablet”. About 1 kilometer to the east, there is a tablet dated to the 3rd year of Xiping, Donghan Dynasty. (173A.D). On this tablet, a Taishou (a prefecture chief in feudal China) of Wudu, whose name was Gengli’ achievements of politics career were carved.

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A scheduled bus can be taken in Longnan city to Moya Tablet of Ode to Xixia.

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Recommend time for traveling: Half a day

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