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Qishan Castle in Qishan County

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Qishan Castle in Qishan County was built in the Xihan Dynasty. It was the army camp of Zhugeliang, the Prime Minister of Shu Dynasty of the Period of Three Kingdoms. The name of Qishan Castle was also given by people when Zhugeliang attacked the Wei Dynasty of the Period of Three Kingdoms.

Qishan Castle is an isolated peak standing on the wide, flat ground. It is located on the north of Hanshui River. It is dozens of zhangs (Chinese measuring unit, 1 zhang is about 3.33 meters) high, and about a mile wide. There is no other access to the inside of this castle, but only a gate in the southwest. From this gate, visitors can get to the top of the peak by a tortuous path. The top is flat and about 3,000 square meters, but all overhanging cliffs around the top. In order to memorizing the great man Zhugeliang, people built a Wuhou Temple in this place. This temple had been rebuilt several times.

Nowadays, the Wuhou Temple still exists, and there are 3 yards in it. There is a sitting statue of Zhugeliang in the main hall, with a leather fan in his hand, sitting straightly, and looking forward. In the hall behind, Guanyu is enshrined. The last is a Qifuo hall. Out of the gate, the walls and stage are still existed. They were rebuilt at the period around 1949. There are also many horizontal inscribed boards wrote by famous people existed, for example, 5 pairs of antithetical couplets, more than 20 inscribed tablets. On these couplets and tablets, Zhugeliang’s career and deeds are told. Qishan Castle has become an important scenic spot of Three Kingdoms Period.

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Buses to LiXian County are available in the bus station of Longnan

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8:30- 17:00

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Recommend time of traveling:Half a day

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