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Wanxiang Cavern of Wudu County

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Wanxiang Cavern was called Celestial Cavern or Five Celestials Cavern in the past days. In the fairy tales, 5 celestials had ever lived in this cavern. This karst cavern formed before 10 million years to 300 billion years ago. It is too deep to fathomable, and this cavern has become the biggest developed natural art gallery underground. There are 11 developed scenery sections, 120 of them are divided and are called Moon Palace, Heavenly Palace, Dragon Palace. When walk in this cavern, with your steps continues, the scenery changes, just like walking in the Paradise. From the ancient times to nowadays, famous people left more than one hundred calligraphies, stone tablets and 768 poems here. But the most distinctive ones are the carved words“别有洞天”wrote by Gao Yihan, the head of Shanxi province, Gansu province,Qinghai province in the period of Republic of China, and the words “万象洞”wrote by Zhao Puchu. 

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How to Get There?
Buses to Wudu County are available in the bus station of Longnan bus station.

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8:30- 18:30

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Recommend time for traveling:Half a day

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