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Longnan Travel Guide

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Longnan Overview

Longnan is a prefecture-level city in the southern part of Ganzu province bordering Sichuan in the south, Shaanxi in the east, Tianshui in the north, and in the west, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.

Due to its strategic location, Longnan serves as a crucial transportation hub between Sichuan and Ganzu. It has 8 counties, 1 urban district, 242 towns, and 3,242 villages. Total population is about 2.5 million.

Longnan history started at least 7,000 years ago. During that time, civilizations started developing along the Bailong River and Xihanshui. Longnan is considered the cradle of the Qin Dynasty; the one that unified China as a whole after the Warring States Period. Wudu Special District, the old name of Longnan, was established in 1949. It was changed to Longnan Region in 1985 and became a regional city in 2004.


The climate in Longnan is vertically distributed. The climate in different regions varies greatly due to their different geographic features. The southeast and northeast part of the city has subtropical humid climate. Average temperature extends from 5C to 15C. The best seasons to visit Longnan are summer and autumn.


Some of the most famous food in Longnan are Douhauzi beancurd (soy bean product), oiled noodles tea, Tianshui Belly Jelly, Douhua noodles, and potato pies. Local delicacies include Pingiliang Finger mutton, Pingliang Niangpi, and Pingliang cool noodles.

Longnan Food

Other must-try local products are Miampi, olives, gingko tea, wild pepper, toadstool, Langya honey, herbs, and monkey head mushroom.


Peach Blossom Island (Taohua Island)

Peach Blossom Island, which is also known as Taohua Island is considered by most Chinese as a dreamland. The beautiful island lies in Zhoushan Archipelago with an area of 43 square kilometers.

The island became popular because of Louis Cha and his martial arts novels. The island is the location for TV series and movies based on Cha’s novels. Because of him, tourists were introduced to the island, which boasts high mountains, golden beach, exotic reefs, dense hills, blue sea, and verdant trees.

The island features six scenic areas that offer visitors with more than 60 attractions all together. The island is the venue for the annual Jin Yong Martial Arts Festival that started in 2004.

Address: Taohuadao Scenic Resort, Putuo District, Zhoushan 316121, China
Hours: Anytime
Entrance: Not applicable
How to get there: Take non-stop bus from Ningbo north bus station to Taohua Island.

Peach Blossom Island

Heaven Lake

Heaven Lake lies in Tianwei Mountains and is considered one of China’s four great lakes. It looks like an emerald inlaid among mountains. It features nine large crooks and 108 small ones. It is 87 meters deep and shaped like a bottle gourd. Its circumference is about ten kilometers.

The lake was formed when an earthquake erupted and blocked the river. Because of this, the water accumulated behind the natural dam. The lake, which is known for its great view, is surrounded by dense forest where many rare animals can be found. These include antelope, leopards, haired monkeys, golden pheasants, and musk deer.

Location: Wenxian county, Longnan City
Hours: 8am-6pm
Phone number: 0939-8213302
Entrance Fee: CNY30/person
Trasporation: Take Bus No. 12 in Wenxian or take a taxi
Tip: The best time to visit the lake is on spring and autumn.

Wanxiang Cave

Wanxing Cave lies on the southern bank of White Dragon River, in the mountain of Yangpang village. This attraction is very popular and unique because it features caves within the cave. These never fail to fascinate visitors. The cave was formerly known as Cave of Five Immortals. Legend has it that there were five people who were immortalized in the cave. Because of this, the cave became so popular far and wide.

Wanxiang Cave

Aside from the scenic spots and wonderful caves, visitors will also find poems and stone tablets that were overwritten by different people from various dynasties.

Location: 15kms west of Wudu District
Phone number: 0939-8528414
Hours: 6am-6pm
Entrance fee: CNY25/person
How to get there: Take a taxi or rent a car

Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve

This wonderful natural reserve can be found in Wenxian County, which is located on south of Gansu province. It was founded in 1978 to protect giant pandas. The well-preserved place covers more than 200,000 hectares and it features lush forest and several rare plants and animals.

The National Nature Reserve houses 265 terrestrial vertebrate species, over 2,000 reptile species, and over 180 birds species. Aside from giant pandas, visitors can also expect to see golden eagles, takins, black gibbons, etc.
Location: Wenxian County, Gansu Province
Hours: Anytime
Phone number: 0939-5522641
How to get there: Take non-stop buses in Wudu Station
Best time to visit: Autumn and Summer


Longnan holds several cultural and tourist festivals every year. Some of the highly anticipated are the Peach Blossom Festival held in April, tourist festivals in Qianba Grassland, tea picking festival, and festival in Wanxiang cave.

There’s also a festival held every July, which showcase the way of life of Baima Tibetans. These people are known for their great dancing and singing abilities. They live simple lives, wear beautiful customers, live in traditional houses, and still follow their own folkways. They keep bees, shepherd, weave cloth for living, and grow hemp.