Plum Blossom Mountain

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Plum-blossom Mountain used to be called “The Eighteen Caves of Plum-blossom Mountain”. It is endowed with chains of towering mountains, wide grassland, green forests and a collection of precious bio- resources and species, reputed as “Mysterious Golconda”. The Plum-blossom Mountain nature reserve is 20 kilometers wide and 19 kilometer long, with the forest coverage rate of 89%. The core of the nature reserve accounts 1225 acres, a vast area seldom visited by human but heavily inhabited by animals such as tigers, spotted deer and boas. Large areas of rare natural firs settle in the reserve, where six of the twenty plum-blossom firs—the king of firs could be found. According to primary statistics, there are 2000 vascular bundle plants, including the rare species of Duzhogn, Jianbai, Ma Guilin, Fengguan log, Changcong hemlock, Suihua fir, Banfeng lotus, and Chenshui camphor; Precious and famous species of tree include Sanjian fir, Hongdou fir, Zhonger log, Hungyang log, Zixin log and South-China hemlock; moreover, there are 65 kinds of bamboo and large quantity of rare medicinal materials and wild flowers. The favorable forest eco-environment of Plum-blossom Mountain, like a natural zoo, provides advantaged conditions for wild animals to live and multiply. Here tourists can find over 100kinds of beasts, more than 300 schools of birds, about 30 kinds of amphibians, over 60 sorts of creepy animals, 36 categories of fish living in mountain rivulets, and almost 100 kinds of dayflies. Besides, a series of animals, such as South-China tiger, Jianqian leopard, Yun leopard, antelope, sambar, yellow-belly tragopan, Baijin long-tail pheasant, and boa, are listed as the first class nationally protected animals.

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Tour Autobuses are available from Shanghang County, Liancheng County and the urban area of Longyan City to Plumb-blossom Mountain.

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