Tiangong Mountain

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Tiangong Mountain is 1594 meters above the sea level. According to record, the reason why the mountain is called Tiangong Mountain, which means the mountain towers to the palace of heaven, is that the mountain is often covered by clouds and mists, and there often comes the sound of flute and beat of drum from time to time when it is cloudy. Temples were built on Tiangong Mountain early in Tang dynasty and then became very popular in Qing dynasty. In recent years more and more temples have been built up there. At the foot of the mountain stands its door, behind which there are Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace, Dabei Palace, Di Zangwang Palace, as well as Guanhui Tower, Worshipping Hall, Dream-realizing House, hotels and so on. The series of Taoist temples accounting 3.2 square kilometers lie in the deep Tianggong Mountain and make it more glamorous. On Tiangong Mountain Tourists can appreciate the fantastic and splendid natural scenery, such as the sea of clouds, the precipitous peaks, spring waterfalls, the morning sunlight, the setting sun and mountain mist, making you enjoy yourselves so much as to forget to go home.

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Traffic Tool: Tour autobuses are available from the urban area to Tiangong Mountain.

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Opening Time: 8: 00 am— 18:00 pm

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