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Boyue Cave

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/5/1

Boyue Cave scenic spot is a comprehensive park with underground cave of karst as the main body. Around there, there are Dacheng Mountain Forest Park, waterfall groups and stannary.

The cave has three layers. It has an underground route of 1800 meters, with 27 halls, 81 spots, covering a total area of 40 thousand square meters. The cave is normally 3-10 meters tall, and the tallest place is 20-odd meters. The cave is normally 5-10 meters wide, while the widest place is 70-odd meters. There are three treasures in the cave: the first is the 1.1 meter-long goose neck stone, which is empty inside, transparent and crystal; the second is the 1.98 meter tall stone dam, which is 50 centimeters higher than that of the global largest one; the third is the 1.5 meters deep stone slot, which is the deepest geosyncline hung in the air.

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