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Ziquejie terrace

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Terrace is the great project of human beings which are as famous as that of Pyramid, Garden in Air and Great Wall. Although Hani terrace in Yunnan and Longsheng terrace in Guangxi are well-known to the world, Zihejie terrace in Hunan is little known to people.

Zihejie terrace was created during the Qin Dynasties. It spreads all over the hills at an altitude of 500 meters to 1000 meters at Cheshui Town. The peak has an altitude of 1585.2 meters. Having Zihejie terrace as the center, there are 80 thousand mu of terrace altogether.

Zihejie terrace has natural irrigation system. Over the hills, there is spring water everywhere. None  of the terrace's   lack water due to the irrigation system.

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take regular bus from Xinhua County to Shuiche Town, RMB 12; then take taxi, RMB 20

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