Bagong Mountain

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Bagong Mountain, located in southern bank of Huaihe, extends more than 30 kilometers with hundreds of ridges and peaks. It is 2.5 kilometers away from the north of the Shouxian County. Therefore it is also named as Northern Mountain. It is next to Feishui in the south and Huaihe in the north. So it is the place for military commanders to fight for. The famous Feishui War in the history also happened here. It is said that soldiers would be in a state of extreme nervousness on hearing every sound and noticing the wave of the bushes, which become a famous Chinese literary quotation. Bagong Mountain has beautiful scenery. The famous scenic spots here are the 24 springs, such as Zhenzhu Spring, Manao Spring, Rui Spring, and Bisha Spring, Lanxiou Spring, Wan Spring, Yuanbin Spring, Wunv Spring, etc. It is said that Zhenzhu Spring is one of the top 10 springs in the ancient time, which is located in the mountain pass of Mashan Mountain with tens of springs pouring out of the pool which is like pearls with glittering and translucent color. Besides, along Bagong Mountain, there are many ancient tombs and some ancient architecture such as Huainan Temple, Bixiayuanjun Temple and so on.

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There is special in Baxian Street to the scenic spot.

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All day

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