Mosques in Shouxian County

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Mosque is also named as Rite Temple. We can see the building in every place. However, the mosque in Shouxian County owns the magnificent structure and unique molding which no one can compare with.

 It was said the mosque was built in Tang Dynasty. Later it was verified that it was built in Ming Dynasty. In 1982, when people repaired it and found two sheathing tiles on the top of the palace, one of which recorded that it was built in reign of Emperor Tianqi in Ming Dynasty and it was repaired in reign of Emperor Daoguang. On the other which recorded that it was repaired in the reign of Emperor Guangxu. The mosque is located in the west facing to the east. It covers an area of 5.600 square kilometers. The mosque has three entrances. And the portal of the forecourt is the Dazhong Door; in the middle is the Wuxiang Palace that is the Chapel with two perrons on both sides and two side rooms for teaching Arabic (language). The backcourt is formed by the enclosure of Wuxiang Palace with in 4 broomy ginkgoes. The mosque is solemn and lofty.

Wuxiang Palace is as wide as five room’s area and as deep as seven rooms. The palace is surrounded by corridors, and in which are stone pillars. There are five doors in the south and north of the palace. The structure and the carving ornamentation both have the features of Ming Dynasty. On the side, there were hanging 24 plaques produced in the reign of Kangxi to Xuantong in Qing Dynasty. But they have been lost at present. However, 6 steles cut in the reign of Emperor Qianglong to Guangxu still remain.

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You can take a bus at Buyang, Liu’an, Hefei, Huainan or Guibu to the spot

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