The Tower in Guanyin Temple

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The Tower in Guanyin Temple is usually named as the Awl of Southern Door, opposite to Duobao’an Tower. The two towers are compared to Moqing Double Towers. According to the history record of Liu’an, it was built by shaman Yuantong through his mendicity in the reign of Emperor Wude in Tang Dynasty (618-627). Its original name is Futushi Tower. It was rebuilt in the Song dynasty and changed its name to Guanyinshi Tower. The body of the tower has nine levels with the height of 27 meters. It is a Plane hexagon pavilion-like tower. The each side of the foot layer is 3.9 meters’ wide and 4.3 meters high. The top of the tower has the copper tolly which has fallen down in the 40s. The right body of the tower is facing to the north. There is a 1.5-meter-high and 0.85-meter-wide circular pylon in the foot layer, and there is a repaired pylon stele of the reign of Emperor Wanli 8th year (1958) in Ming Dynasty on the side of the door. And the each level decorated with bucket arches, artificial doors and flower windows and each was beset with china steles in the reign of Emperor Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty. Over the third level was beset with decorative porcelain Buddha statue or patterns. The part of the tower is destroyed and most part are well persevered. 

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There are several buses to go there.

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6:00am to 18:00pm

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