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Tiantangzai covers an area of 40 square kilometers. It borders Luotian in Hubei and Yingshan County.  The highest peak Tiantang Peak, 1729.12 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak of Mount Dabieshan. 

The main scenic spots are Tiantangfanghai, Longtan Flying Fall, Yunling Overbridge, Yunfengding, White Horse Village, Shenguajia, Chaotiandang, and Guanyinyan and so on. Yuanfengding is located in Wane boundary. If you overlook on its top you can enjoy a view of the whole area. The White Horse Village is 1,480 meters above the sea level. The stone is nicked shining in the sun which is like a white horse flying in the sky.

There still keeps some relics such as the Stone Village, Stele, Platform, Mint, Race Course, Fencing peaks and so on, which were built by Xu Shouhui, In late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty, and Ma Chaozhu, in the later Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, called on the people to resist Yuan Dynasty and Qing dynasty,

Tiantangzai has abundant species resource for its special geographical position (northern semitropics). Over one thousand species of plants in East China, Central China and North China grow here. There are the quassia woods in South America, the Cimicifuga foetida in Northern Europe, Orient spring eye in Japan, wheat with round ears in India, Quemei vines in tropical rain forest; the tree in cool temperature zone, and the unique gulfweed in Tiantangzai, shrubs or trees, flowers and grasses. Besides there are also some precious animals such as musk deer, salmon, the ring necked pheasant, the white crest king pheasant, and so on. The spot also has all kinds of springs, streams, ponds, waterfalls. There are five waterfalls with above more than 60-meter drop height.

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Take a bus at the county

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6:00am to 16:00pm

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