Xianghongdian Scenic Spot

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Xianghongdian scenic spot is located in the Xibin valley. The main scenic spots are Xianghongdian Reservoir, Qishan Mountain, and Lotus Mountain and so on.

Xianghongdian Reservoir: it is located over Xibin River, Zhujiawan Village, Xianghongdian Township. The dam is a concrete gravity dam with concentric circles of radius. The dam is 875 meters high and its arc length is 304 meters. It seems lying across mountains and flying in the clouds.  The traffic mileage of the reservoir is more than 20 kilometers. The waves, mist, clean water, the erect peaks on both sides and the green trees make it known as the Small Guilin in Wanxi.

Qishan Mountain: it is among Xiangqi Office of the reservoir and the Xianghongdian Village. One side is depending on the mountain and the other three sides are surrounding by the water. It was recorded on the history of Liu’an that Qishan Mountain was named for its flat alpine peaks. Qishan Mountain is full of fogs. It was one of the famous eight scenic spots in old time.

Lotus Mountain: it is in Lotus Riverside, Youfangdian Township. It gained its name for some stone on the mountain like lotus. It includes Eastern Lotus, Western Lotus.  The two mountains are 5 kilometers apart. On the mountain, there are many scenic spots such as Lingbei Stone, Longtan Stone, and Yanzi Stone and so on. Furthermore, there are many famous people’s inscriptions on the stone.

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