Luan Travel Guide

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Luan Overview

Liu’an is the western entrance of Anhui province, bordered with Henan and Hubei in the west and connected with Hefei in the east. It was named Wanxi because of its geographic location. Today, Liu’an gained its present name by Emperor Wudi in Han Dynasty who protected the place from other insurrections after he suppressed the insurrection of Huainan king.

Liu’an is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain. Liu'an is rich in tourist resources with beautiful landscapes such as Meishan Reservoir, Xianghongdian Reservoir, Mozi Pond, Bagong Mountain, etc. The advantaged geographic resources make Liu’an famous for abundant products and high quality well-known goods such as Liuan Guapian, one of the 10 most famous teas in the Chinese history, is tasty and refreshing with superior taste; Huoshan Shihu, named as Soft Gold, is very useful in softening the vein, and so on.

The important tourism features of Liu’an are the red traveling and natural landscape traveling. Liu’an is the important base in Chinese modern revolutionary. Jinzai county in Liu’an, honored as Hometown of Generals, is the birth place of 59 PLA generals; Revolutionary Museum in Jinzai County, one of the important Chinese patriotism education bases, consists of Memorial Mausoleums and Museums. With plenty of conifers, the whole museum is stately and tacitly. Besides, there are 59 modern revolutionary sites and Patriotism education Bases such as Wanxi Memorial Mausoleum, the General Headquarter of the Red Army, etc.

Region Code: 0564

Post Code: 237000

Location: it is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain in Anhui Province. It is bordered with Henan and Hubei in the west, linked to Hefei in the east, Buyang and Huainan in the north, and Anqing in the south.

Administrative District Planning: Under its jurisdiction, there are two urban districts: Jin’an district and Yu’an district, and five counties: Shouxian, Huoqiu, Shucheng, Jinzai and Huishan.