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Dragon Tower Ancient Seal Character

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Dragon Tower Ancient Seal Character is regarded as a treasure by the people in Yancheng. Dragon Tower Ancient Seal Character, also known as Bi’an Temple Scripture Pillars, is 12.18 meters high and is divided into three layers: the upper, the middle, and the lower. It was named as Dragon Tower Ancient Seal Character for the reason that 6 dragon pillars stand at the foot of the tower. It is in the middle courtyard of the northern Laoer on Xitou Road, West Street, Yancheng County. It was built during the years of Peaceful Heavenly Kingdom in Northern Song Dynasty (960AD-1127AD). The dragon tower is piled up by many layers of blue and green stones and seal characrters are carved on four sides of the main tablet. It is simple and unsophisticated, dignified and beautiful. The engraving techniques are powerful, and the lines are fluent. Therefore, it is a model for calligraphy fans. With the passage of time and the decaying of the wind and the rain, most of the script can not be identified. The upper layer is the three-meter-high Buddha statue tablet placing itself in the lotus flower basin carved in huge stone. 360 statues of arhats and 24 statues of Buddha are vivid as if they were real. The statues of arhats and Buddha have a tendency to come out and float in the air. This ancient artistic masterpiece is deemed as a treasure by the people in Yancheng, and it is the provincial cultural relic protection unit.

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Take a bus to Yancheng County and then take a taxi

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All day

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Recommending Visiting Time: 30 minutes

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