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Kaiyuan Forest Park

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Kaiyuan Forest Park is a 3A level scenic spot. Kaiyuan Forest Park lies in the southwest of the urban area of Luohe city, near National Highway 107 in the west, next to Beijing-Zhujiang expressway in the east, and adjoining Nanhuan Road in the south. The transportation is convenient, and the location is superior. The park covers an area of 1000 mu (1mu=0.165acre), with a gross investment of 47,200,000 Yuan. It is supposed to take five years to complete the construction in two stages. The overall plan of the garden divides it into 9 special scenic areas, namely the festival celebration area, citizens’ square area, building up body and sports area, children's amusement area, ecological dense forest area, island sight-seeing area, ecological wetland area, holiday cottages area, French classical gardens area and 52 special scenic spots. It plans to plant 160,000 trees of all kinds, have 118 mu   (1mu=0.165acre) coverage of water, and 650 mu green coverage. The Forest Park is in line with the principle of high starting point, high requirement, the natural ecology as a main fact, and artificial power complemented. Relying mainly on the lake, by creating characteristic scenes: a pond of water, a shade of green, they make every effort to offer the visitors an ideal amusement destination integrating the natural scenery, human cultural sight, science and education, recreation and amusement, outskirts and holidays etc.

Kaiyuan Forest Park has been built not merely to provide the citizens with a base to touch the nature, enjoy the nature, the rare plants and graceful changing garden landscape, but also to offer a carrier for exploring and understanding the mysteries of plants, resting and appreciating, and scientific education.

Tips: This scenic spot is free on important festivals and exhibitions.

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Bus line: take No.23 bus and get off at Ganhechen stop

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Recommending Visiting Time: Half a day

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