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Three Bests Milestone

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The Three Bests Milestone is an important historical witness of the “Three Kingdoms period” (220AD-265AD) culture. The Three Bests Milestone is the common name of two stone tablets, namely the “Enthronement" and "General Gongqing Played on Heaven”. It is situated in the the temple of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) in Fancheng Town, Linyin County, which is 40 kilometers from the downtown area. The original buildings in the temple have already been destroyed in the central government. Now we have the protection room and the west wing-room. The two stone tablets--the “Enthronement" and " General Gongqing Played on Heaven--stand in the protection room and were set up in the first year of Huangchu Years of Wei Kindom (220AD-265AD). They keep a detailed record of the historical process in which General Wei Gongqing advised to advance and Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) gave his hegemony to Cao Pi.

The two stone tablets were carved on two pieces of chloranthus errectus stone. They are 2.8 meters high, 1.53 meters wide and 0.32 meters thick. The tablet inscription is li character, and the top part of the tablet is seal character in Gui shape with no decorations. The “Enthronement" stone tablet has 22 lines, with 49 words in each line, recording the process of Cao Pi receiving the hegemony. The " General Gongqing Played on Heaven” stone tablet has 22 lines in the front and 10 lines at the back, with 49 words in each line, recording 46 names of generals advising Gongqing and the praise of advising Cao Pi to receive the hegemony. According to the records of "Xu Zhou Zhi", the two stone tablets were drafted by Wang Lang, written by Liang Hu, and engraved by Zhong Yao. It is called "Three Bests milestone" for the masterpieces of drafting, calligraphy, and engraving. The State Council announced it as the National Cultural Relic Protection Unit in 2001.

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Take a bus to Fancheng Town at the bus station

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All day

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