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Xiangchen Bay Amusement Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/23

Xiangchen Bay Amusement Park is really a good and blessed place. Xiangchen Bay of Luohe city got its name because the location of park is in Xiangchen Bay Village encircled by Shahe River. Originally known as Chen Bay Village, the village gained this name for the majority is surnamed Chen and it is located in Shahe River bay. In the old society, it was known for processing the incense used to worship the heaven and the god, so it is also called Xiangchen Bay. The Xiangchen Bay Amusement Park of Luohe city funded by Aodeli Corporation covers an area of more than 600 mus in the first stage of the project. The gross investment is nearly 60 million Yuan. It is a first-class large-scale amusement park in China. Xiangchen Bay Amusement Park is encircled by clear Shahe River on three directions. Outside the garden, the neighbor is the well-known Fifteen Li Shop Garden; inside the garden, there is a large-scale water paradises (in build), a music fountain which could reach the height of 50 meters, the largest artificial lake in Henan Province, serial buildings in the ancient architectural style of Hui buildings, first-class modernized recreation facility in China, especially the transmission devices imported from Germany, the specific effects apparatus from Hong Kong, and the international first-class 4D simulation film will surely amaze your eyes.

In the evening when the festive lanterns are lit, various colorful lights in the park shine together, which are too plenty for the eye to take them all in and so attractive that people forget to return. In summer, the fountain is on. With the breeze from the river, the summer heat vanished utterly. It is really a good and blessed place with the music fountain dancing in the celestial songs.

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Free sight-seeing buses and mini-buses waiting at the Yellow River Square

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1.Recommending Visiting Time: A day 2.People who have the Jinsui Card can enter the park for free. If you have bought the through ticket, you can have a 10 yuan reduction of the present price. You can enjoy a 95 percent discount in consuming in the park’s restaurant. (not including the drink and beverage)

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