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Xu Shen Mausoleum

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People regard it as a holy place for traveling. Xu Shen Tomb is located in Xuzhuang Village, Jishi Town, Yancheng County. Xu Shen is a world famous cultural celebrity, a great philologist and in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD). His masterpiece “Classical” is considered to be the first dictionary in China. Xu Shen Tomb lies in one mile northeast of Xuzhuang Village, covered quietly in the midst of cypress woods. Since 1997 the cemetery has been designated XuShen Mausoleum. There are garden walls in the style of the ancient tile eaves and garden gates in the style of Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) around the garden, solemn and unsophisticated, quiet and tastefully laid out. Xu Shen Tomb is about 5 meters high and 16 meters in bottom diameters. It is piled up with five layers of blue and green stones. It is weedy on the tomb, and wild flowers are interspersed. Three tablets stand in front of the tomb. One was set up during Kang Xi Years of Qing Dynasty (1644AD-1840AD), carved “Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) filial piety Xu Gong Tomb”. The inscription is powerful in skill of using a carving knife; another one was set up during Guang Xu Years of Qing Dynasty (1644AD-1840AD). The script is pretty, so many calligraphy fans rub it here. The third one was set up when Xu Shen research association was held in 1985. In the west of Xu Shen Tomb and in the north of Xuzhuang Village was originally the Xu Family Hall and it was destroyed in the flames of war at end of Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644AD). Now only a remaining tablet is left. Xu Chong (Xu Shen’s son) Tomb is in the west. Xu Shen Tomb is a Key Cultural Relic Unit under the State Protection of Henan Province. Since ancient times, civil officials and military officers all have gotten off the horse or the bridge to pay their respects to him when passing by Yancheng.

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How to Get There?
If you go by bus, you can take Renmin East Road to the due north of Dahe Village. Then walk 2 more kilometers towards Jishi Town and turn west. Then you will arrive. If you go by bicycle in company with others, you may ride along the south bank of Shahe River, pass the pigsty, and ride along the east bank of Shahe River. Or you can pass Dong Village Shahe River Bridge along the east bank at the northern Shunsong River, and then get off the river embankment at Luo Village through Liuli Ferry. After that, you will see Xu Shen Tomb if you ride eastward one kilometer further.

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All day

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Recommending Visiting Time: two hours

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