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Luohe Travel Guide

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Luohe Overview

Luohe city is located in the hinterland of Central Plains, has jurisdiction over Linying County, Wuyang County, Yancheng District, Shaoling District and Yuanhui District. It covers an area of about 2600 square kilometers, with a total population of slightly more than 2.5 million at the end of 2004. Luohe city has a millennia-long history. As early as more than 8000 years ago, our ancestors multiplied and lived on this land, and have created brilliant ancient civilization.

The tourist resources in Luohe city are abundant, and the places of interest are well protected. The tomb and memorial museum of Xu Shen, a writer and philologist in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD), take on a new look after renovation; built in the Northern Song Dynasty (960AD-1127AD), the “Bi’an Temple Scripture Pillars”, or "Dragon Tower Ancient Seal Character’s motif is beautiful, magnificent and upright; recording the history that Wei Gongqing General in Three Kingdoms period (220AD-265AD) urged Emperor Xian in Han dynasty (25AD-220AD) to give enthronement to Cao Pi, two rocks were drafted by the famous writer Wang Lang, written by calligrapher Liang Hu, and engraved by calligrapher Zhong Yao. It is called "Three Bests Milestone" for the masterpieces of bewriting, calligraphy, and engraving; the “Enthronement Terrace” where Cao Pi was enthroned, and the remains of Caipai Building, ancient cultural sites of Jiahu, the Number One Bridge under the heaven----Shang Bridge, the old battle field of Yancheng Battle which Yue Fei (a famous patriotic ancient general) was in, the mausoleum of the famous Tzay-Shing Yang which reminds us of the past old war time, and other dozens of human cultural sights.

Luohe city is both an ancient and a modern city. The bathing place of Shahe River and the river bank park have attractive scenery. Kaiyuan Forest Park with ecology and recreation as fundamental keys and the planting base of Tianyi Company with science and technology, green, and environmental protection as characteristics have already become the tourist hot spots. There is a famous "Red Nanjie Village" in Luohe city, where the cultural life is rich and colorful. Revolutionary songs, such as "Dongfanghong", "Sailing in the Sea Depends on the Steersman", and "the Socialism is Good" etc., are impassioned and magnificent and urging people to advance courageously. Nanjie Village is a beautiful village with legendry, attracting hundreds of thousands of domestic and international tourists here to visit and investigate every year. The gate of Luohe city is widely open for the visitors at home and abroad for ever. Luohe city has already become the “bi-cross” hub of communications of important railways and expressways in central plain area. Luohe city is confirmed as the base of food industry of the whole province, demonstration base of environment-friendly food and “Chinese well-known city for its food” in succession.