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Beijing -Zhujiang Expressway links up Xinzheng Airport of Zhengzhou with the urban area of Luohe city. A luxurious big coach is sent to the direction of the airport every 20 minutes at Luohe Bus Station, and can arrive in one and a half hours.

Luohe Ticket Booking Telephone No.:

The hall on the first floor of Bailan Hotel: 0395~2136654

Yindu Grand Hotel 0395~3138888

Lantian Hotel 0395~3137719

Jingang Grand Hotel 0395~2626988


Luohe Railway Station is a national first-class pivot (organized into groups) large station. Beijing - Guangzhou line, Luohe-Baofeng line, Luohe-Buyang line, and Luohe-Wuyang line join each other here.

Luohe Railway Station Ticket Booking Office: 2130425

The Railway Information Telephone No.: 2123291, 2179953

You can take N0.2, 29, 36 (a line) bus to get there.


National Highway 107 and provincial highway of Luo Jie form a cross pass way. The total mileage (including the county roads) of the whole city is 1655.4 kilometers. There are 7 bus stations and 656 passenger coaches in operation. The volume of passenger transport is 21,150,000, and 13,340,000 tons of volumes of goods are transported (including the 100,000 tons of volumes of goods transported by waterway).

Luohe Bus Station Luohe Bus Station lies beside the railway station. You can take N0.2, 29, 36 (a line) bus to get there. The Bus Station Information Telephone No.: 2122338
Luohe Western Bus Station Address: the southwestern side of Luowu Road, National Highway 107 Telephone No.: 2138008

Wuyang County Public Bus Station Address: the trade center in the middle part of Renmin Road, Wuyang County Telephone No.: 0395-7229656

Wuyang Bus Station of Luohe City Bus Transport Company Address: No.17 on the east of Wutie Road Telephone No.: 21008

Yancheng Bus Station of Luohe Bus Transport Ltd. Co. Address: the northern gateway of the city Telephone No.: 0395-6172761

City Transport


The starting price of taxi in Luohe city is 3 Yuan every 2 kilometers (including 2 kilometers). The operating price is 0.5 Yuan every 300 meters further, 1 Yuan every 600 meters further, and 1.5 Yuan every 1000 meters further after the first 2 kilometers. The money paid for empty driving and waiting: after running 9 kilometers, the operating price goes up by 50% per kilometer. If the passenger demands to park and wait voluntarily, it is free for 10 minutes while waiting (including 10 minutes); after the 10 minutes, add 1 Yuan every 5 minutes.

The phone call No. for appealing of taxi: 3134057

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