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Chongdu Ravine Scenic Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

In the Chongdu Ravine natural beauty region, the bamboo and forests grow luxuriantly, and wild animals of various kinds can be found everywhere. 800 Chinese acres of bamboo seems so grand that is can be compared favorably with the Bamboo Sea as in south sichuan province. The entire scenic region can be divided into two parts: the south ravine and the west ravine. The southe ravine is known for its "elegance" for its splashing waterfalls and running brooks; the west ravine is known for its "Gracefulness" for its green bamboos and dence forests. The main Scenic spots includes: The Bamboo Sea, Water curtain palace, Ficus religiosa, the Splashing waterfall and the Running Brook, High canyon and the Peaceful Lake, the Mushroom Cliff, the Range for Listening the Waves ect, with a total of more than 100 scenic spots.

In the Scenic area, the architectural style of the buildings is ancient and plain, their positions are superior, the transportation is quite convenient, the mountainous treasures all gather together, the service is perfect, the facility is well equipped. The coutryside courtyards are comfortable and quiet, grass and flowers grow by the bank of the river, the clear water of the river runs through a drinking water lane. The bamboo forest has its fun of being misty and feels like you are in a dream. The water wheel rotates freely, the wild ducks stroll idly-What a watery paradise!

It is demonstrating and recording the real native agricultural life of 20's in the last century. The fishing in the clear lake, the yacht strolling and so on has made the Chongdu Ravine a green "leisure location". The grass skiing, the chute, the fast fall, the drift and many other entertaining, exciting movements and sports have also made an ecological "joyful workshop" out of the Chongdu Ravine.

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You may take a bus from Luoyang city to Tantou Town, Luanchuan county.

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