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Cockscomb Cave

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The Cockscomb Cave was discovered during Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty, and has been granted the reputation of "Number One Limestone Cave in North China" since then. In summer times, the Cockscomb Mountain will be covered by green and thick vegetations everywhere. In the Cockscomb Cave, winding peaks and paths can be discovered everywhere, leading to various fantastic scenic spots. The distribution of the landscape is uneven and its density varies greatly. Inside the cave, Stalactites erect in different images and postures. The Cockscomb Cave is a natural limestone cave, in geological terminologies; it is called "the Karst Landform". According to researches done by the experts, it was formed during the Early-Center Pleistocene Period. Many landscapes had been formed as early as 60,000-70,000 years ago. As early as in Qing Dynasty, some people had tried to take adventure into the cave to search its mystery. However, due to the danger and the depth of the cave, they all returned half way, full of fear.

The Cockscomb Cave is 1800 meters in length, with coverage of 23,000 square meters. The cave consists of eight big scenic areas, namely "Jade Column Pool", "Overflowing Color Palace", "Folding Curtain Palace", "Milky Way Cave", "Yao Chi Palace", "Cangxiu Pavilion", "Xiaoyao palace", "shilin lane". In the Cave, the winding peaks and paths will lead you to various wonderful places of interest. The distribution of various landscapes is uneven and its density varies greatly. Stalactites erect in different images and postures: some look like sleeping Buddas, flying birds, galloping beasts, some look like bamboo shoots, dense forests or curtains, their images are all vivid and seem to be alive. Pieces and pieces of stone curtains are just like ancient musical instruments, if knocked with stone fragments, they will give beautiful and long lasting sounds like music. There is a brook running just in the cave, cobblestones of different sizes can be seen through its clear water at the bottom of the brook.The brook runs with a sweet noise, thus adding the vitality to the quiet cave.

The Cockscomb Cave is rich in touring resources, with one huandred and sixty-eight scenic spots of different sizes. Among these, the most favored eighty-eight scenic spots are "Immortals Greeting the Guests", "Th Golden Turtle Carrying the Immrtal", " The Concubine after Bath", "Jade Rabbit Looking into the Moon", "The Dolphin Playing the Pearl", "The Carp Playing the Water", "Eight immortals Celebrating The Age" and others. They are most popular among tourists for their peculiar and vivid images.

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4 kilometers west of Luanchuan County, Luoyang City

How to Get There?
There are buses from Luoyang and Luanchuan.

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70 yuan per person

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The best seasons to visit the cave are June and July.

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